XPeng Sweden Service Center

2022-2023 Stockholm, Sweden

Company background

Xpeng Motors is one of China's emerging electric car manufacturers, dedicated to green environmental protection and sustainable development. The company strives to promote the adoption and advancement of electric vehicles, reduce environmental pollution, and offer greener transportation solutions.

Since the launch of the service center in Sweden in 2022, KS. has initiated collaboration with Xpeng, jointly exploring European user behaviors and brand spirit, redefining space and green technology scenes. Building upon extensive user research and space design guidelines (SI), KS. and Xpeng have successfully adapted and presented several Xpeng Spaces in the Nordic region. Additionally, our extensive collaboration was showcased at the Munich IAA Auto Show.


The Stockholm Service Center is strategically significant for XPeng's market presence in the Nordic region. This marks the first offline service store resulting from the collaboration between KS. and XPeng. Covering over a thousand square meters, the store includes sales display areas, office spaces, delivery zones, and maintenance areas, based on meticulous traffic flow analysis, SI specifications, and overall planning.

The project encompasses professional government permit approvals, customized furniture production and installation, electrical lighting, IT communications, and facade implementation. XPeng maintains strict material and implementation requirements for every element and detail to preserve the overall quality. After thorough inspection, KS. has received unanimous praise from XPeng's European sales network deployment team and has been commended by XPeng's Swedish team as a project completed with "exceptionally high quality." This project marks the beginning of a long-term and comprehensive collaboration between KS. and XPeng.

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