Huawei Eco-Connect Europe

2017 @Berlin, Germany

Company background

HUAWEI is a Chinese information and communications technology (ICT) company that specializes in telecommunications equipment. The company also offers services and consumer electronics including wearables, mobile broadband modems, smartphones, tablets and PCs.


Our client wants to build a platform for HUAWEI’s customer & partner to discuss future cooperation for the ICT ecosystem. At the same time share HUAWEI’s strategy of opening and the long-term contribution to European market.


“Go Cloud, Go digital”

We focused on recreating a representation of the ICT ecosystem in miniature throughout the exhibition through the use of key elements such as 'land, sky and sea'. We used a central symmetrical layout, rather than block-like one, to provide a clear routing system for guests. And important areas such as the Global Alliance partners were enclosed in the center to highlight the focus.

City Cube Berlin

HCE Event

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